Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Names : Y

Yusuf – God’s chosen
Yadu – Son of yayathi and devayan
Yogeshwar – One who has obtained superhuman facilities
Yashpal – Famous, success
Yatindra – A great sage
Yagnesh – The Lord of sacrifical fire
Yaddhajit – Triumphant in battle
Yuvaraj – Prince
Yogi – Ascetic
Yog – Deep Meditation
Yajas – Worship
Yadunandan – Lord Krishna
Yugal – Pair
Yogesh – Lord of Yoga
Yatin – An ascetic
Yaduraj – Lord Krishna
Yadavendra – Krishna
Yudhistira – One who is firm in battle
Yogendra – Master of yoga
Yashwast- Famous
Yadunath – Lord Krishna
Yadav – Clan of Lord Krishna
Yagant – End of a yugo
Yogin – An ascetic
Yogen – Lord of Yoga
Yashas – Success
Yogas – Meditation
Yograj – who is best among the sage
Yash – Fame


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